Why there's NO CRASH coming to Hilton Head Island

Media hype? Check. Panic button? Check. Facts? Well... To be honest, it's hard to look at all the misleading information, lack of perspective, gross exaggeration, and sometimes, downright false reports concerning the housing market. Although we can't with the same certainty speak for the national market, rumors of Hilton Head Island's impending housing crash have been exaggerated. Even the suggestion that the market is "normalizing" seems to be out of touch with the numbers Dan is seeing... but see for yourself. Look at the historic inventory levels for our island and draw your own conclusion... with inventory levels at a scarcity never-before-seen, in a market with largely cash buyers and a continuing influx of demand, what are the chances of ANY average sale price decrease, let alone a crash? Tell us what you think in the Mailbag and we'll address it on Market Mondays.

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